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7 Biggest Mistakes Beginner Podcasters Make

Beginnings are always filled with scents of antsy triumph. More Content, more views, more likes, subscriptions, and well tucked monetizing; that’s what is on every content creator’s itch list. Every podcaster, whether a  newbie or the au fait would agree that starting a podcast is not a stroll at the park on a sunny day. Did you know that most podcasts don’t make it past their 8th episode? Well, what are the spices minus or added that spoil the broth for beginners?

Here are some of the mistakes beginner podcasters make; being a generalist,

not understanding who your listeners are, inconsistency, poor audio quality, underestimating the amount of energy that goes into a successful podcast, dismissing marketing, starting with only one track, worrying about sound quality over content, having no pre-strategies on monetization and music copyrights.

In this article, I’ll narrow down the 7 Biggest mistakes and also share tips on how to avoid them.

1. Generalization

Narrowing it down to a specific niche is integral for a successful podcast. It is so tempting to venture into unlimited niches; an itchy setback you overcame yesterday, the trauma this pal went through last month, this fascinating thread on Twitter…all these sound intriguing and might win you to some listener, but only for a fleeting moment. You have to identify your ideal audience. Who is your target audience? The response to this question will help you niche down on your content. A narrow and focused topic is more likely to give you a loyal audience. 

Here are examples:

Instead of Health of Physicians,  consider Mental Health of Physicians

Instead of Lifestyle, consider Life of Over 25-Year-Old Ladies.

Instead of Fashion and design, consider What Not to Wear in Your 20s.

Embracing a niche you’re passionate and knowledgeable about is more likely to build you a meaningful community and boost your content value. 

2. Dismissing Marketing

Many beginner podcasters are not intentional about their marketing until they realize that their shows are not displaying the intended statistics. The job is not done once you post your episode on the hosting service. Marketing your podcast should be of as much priority as choosing your podcast’s name. And it all begins with this simple step; tell everyone about your podcast.

Tips on Marketing Your Podcast:

  • Tell everyone about your podcast
  • Create a community, this can be done by starting a Facebook group.
  • Create a website for your podcast. Having blogs or articles relating to your podcast is a good way to drive traffic to your podcast. 
  • Post about your podcast regularly on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram. You can upload teasers on TikTok or YouTube.
  • Learn about podcast search engine optimization
  • Connect with other podcasters

3. Not Batch Recording

Consistency is mandatory for you to have a successful podcast. But there comes a time when you’re completely tied up, might be ill or even feel unmotivated to record an episode. During such unexpected occurrences, batching (recording a number of episodes in advance) comes in handy. The beauty of batch recordings is that it also gives you ample time for quality production and editing.

However, batch recording won’t be ideal if your podcast covers timely moments/ events. I also recommend releasing more than one episode on your launch day, because it gives your audience content to bing on and also boost your initial podcast download! 

4. Incorrect Picking of a Hosting Platform

Another mistake beginner podcasters make is settling for any podcast hosting platform, especially when it is FREE. Free podcast hosting platforms serve their purpose but if you have a long-term vision for your podcast, there are other factors to consider. These hosting platforms are not the same; they come with various features and functionalities that you need to understand before choosing a hosting platform.

Where beginners miss out:

  • Not reviewing the storage and bandwidth capabilities
  • Not testing the ease of the setup and support
  • Not checking the ease of creating an RSS feed
  • Ignoring transcription services
  • Spending more than you should on hosting platforms 
  • Not checking out the Audience Analytics reporting. This should be certified and compliant.
  • Not finding out if it offers a possibility for monetizing

5. Inconsistency

Inconsistency easily leads to pod fade. Sticking to a regular and consistent posting schedule wins you loyal listeners. Imagine having a favorite television program that is live every Sunday afternoon. So each Sunday your anticipation prompts you to free an one hour or two for the show. But then the show is repeated on that Sunday, and the next Sunday it doesn’t come up again. Very disappointing, right? 

For beginner podcasters, batch recording is an effective strategy for consistency. If the episode is interview-based, schedule and confirm the interview early enough. And if not, record the episodes in advance. Consistency is key.

6.No Passion

Quality content doesn’t loom in detachedness, and listeners have a way to tell. Are you passionate about your niche?  What’s the sole drive for the launch of your podcast?

Many content creators have been launching and hosting podcasts over the last few years, but fail to blow candles on their 8th episode anniversaries. Are you venturing into podcasting because it’s trending? Producing quality content is a sure way to gain significant traffic and monetize your show. If you don’t resonate with the kind of content you produce, it is very unlikely that your listeners will resonate with it.

7. Overlooking Copyright Laws

Any use of protected resources, save for fair use, can infringe copyright. As you begin your podcasting journey, be on the lookout not to fall victim to these common copyright myths: 

  • Have carte blanche to use copyrighted materials if you aren’t making profits
  •  It doesn’t count as copyrighted material (such as music, or sounds) as long as you use 30 seconds or less. 

The myths above are a common hitch, and many podcasting newbies fall victim and get copyright strikes.  For you to use any kind of content (music, sounds), you will need to license it, secure its rights, or follow fair use. You can also subscribe to a music platform or use royalty-free music.

As You begin your podcasting journey, making mistakes is inevitable, but knowing these biggest mistakes will save you, and your show!

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